Kill and Burn

Time to Kill the Oxen and Burn the Plow
John Ogden Sr.
March 9, 2017
“So Elisha turned back from him, and took a yoke of oxen and slaughtered them and boiled their flesh, using the oxen’s equipment, and gave it to the people, and they ate. Then he arose and followed Elijah, and became his servant” (1 Kings 19:21, NKJV).

What has God stirred your heart to do? What is His calling? What is His desire? What hinders you from saying yes? Elisha wanted a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. As Elijah passed by Elisha, he laid his mantle on him. Elisha then turned and ran to the prophet, until he remembered his team of oxen he was plowing with. This team represented Elisha’s former lifestyle. Realizing he must separate where he had been from where God was calling him to because the distractions of his former life would rob him of his destiny in God if he held on to them. He made a commitment of faith: he had a barbeque for the entire city. He slaughtered and cooked his oxen, burned his plows, bid everyone goodbye and left to follow Elijah. At this point he had destroyed his old life and all that would draw him back. He had made a bold statement of faith to his friends and family with a farewell feast, a tribute to his past, while looking to the future by faith to what God was going to do in his life.

What oxen do you need to kill? What plows do you need to burn? What is keeping you from accomplishing God’s will? What part of your old life is drawing you back so that you cannot fulfill God’s destiny in your life? I challenge you to put your faith in Him to fulfill His destiny in you.


“Soldier of God”


I was trained to be a killer, and motivated to take a life.

Able to kill a man 300 yards away, or face to face with a knife.

I got my chance to use it when I recieved my orders to go overseas.

Now that I have seen and done some things they tell me I have PTSD.

Keeping a military mindset I felt like a diseased dog stuck in a cage ready to bite.

Instead of loving my neighbor I made it through my days by causing turmoil every night.

Once my ways finally caught up to me this soldier found Jesus in my heart.

Everything started to put it self back together that had fallen apart.

I prayed everyday asking God what my purpose was, and when the time was right he finally answered.

He said my past was training for his plan to lead others to…

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“Thank You”


If you would have known me before I found God again you would question why I’m writing this.

Two words that never really came out of my mouth because whether I wanted to believe it or not I was selfish.

I have made a lot of mistakes in my past that I can’t take back, but I can try to fix what has been broken.

I can’t express in words what has happened to me or what I feel, but only truth and love will be spoken.

A cold hearted man, and full of hate for the wrong reasons is who I used to be.

Ever since the day I dropped to my knees and let God take control I am now free.

Is this new life easy? Not at all, but I promise to always do what is right no matter what I am going through.

To those…

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“Man Up”


I’ve made a lot of mistakes that put meand my family in a bad situation.

The first step into church I had the pastor tell me the man of the house is the leadership position.

Thought I was doing everything I could to the point I figured the next thing to happen was my execution.

I was dead wrong because I didn’t ask for Gods help keeping everything on my shoulders waiting for a deposition.

I wrote all of my feelings on paper instead of realizing I needed to gain some maturity.

With him on my side I have turned my lyrics around so now there is nothing on this world that can scare me.

Little girls looking up at me with tears in their eyes because daddywouldntdo what needed to be done.

How did life become a war zone of fear and pain instead of laughter and fun?

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“Undefeated Champion”


The fight as a Christian is not easy because it’s like standing in a boxing ring.

Evil is the heavy weight opponent that we face, and yes the punches do have a nasty sting.

I’m not alone in my corner because I have God giving me direction.

My training in church, and the way I live my life should be a perfect reflection.

Throw your punches at me and giving everything you think you got.

I will take them all still standing on my feet because you have no power to put me in a bad spot.

Take it all away and I will still be faithful full of strength like Job.

Have you forgotten about that or is that something you will act like you don’t know?

I am the undefeated champion no matter how many times you challenge me.

The power put inside of me by the…

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Look at your life. Does it seem like the problems continue to go round and round?

Not getting anywhere with the same actions thinking it’s going to be better this time around?

Are you trying to better yourself, but only giving so much to it because that would take away your fun?

When times get hard are you actually facing them or is your first reaction still to run?

If you feel like you are on a carousel put that thought aside and realize you are living in a tornado.

It’s the truth about the life you live, the choices you make, and it’s not just because I said so.

Pick up the good book, read some pages, and say a prayer once in a while.

You may be an adult in the flesh, but your spirit is still God’s child.

Get rid of your old ways, old mindset…

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